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We know that cool games are pretty much a dime a dozen these days. Especially in the flash games department. There is certainly no shortage of this kind of game. However that does not mean that a fun game cannot come out every once in a while. If you are looking for a good fun arcade style racer than we think that Crusin certainly fits that bill. Lets talk about how Crusin looks. We hand on hearth think that this is one of the very best looking flash game racers that is online right now. We think that the name Crusin is very worthwhile. This is because the graphics of the game resemble the Crusin USA game that was released on the Nintendo 64 many month ago. Out of all the new games that we have played online this one is easily the easiest on the eyes. It has great and easy to learn control scheme that anyone can pick up and play. In all as far as car games go, playing Crusin will be one of the best games most fun arcade style you will have played in a very long time. What it lacks in depth of say a simulation style racing game it certainly makes up for in pure arcade fun.

If you like cool games you'll like this one. JackSmith has no introduction before the menu, and hardly any information to get you going. It almost just adds to the interest level of the player going into one of the best games. You, playing as JackSmith, must build strong and deadly weapons for the soldiers willing to help you in order to accomplish your quest and save the princess to save yourself from debt. The twist in this adventure game from others is that you’re saving the princess for your own personal gain, not to with the girl over. You start out with the bare bones elements to build the weapons with. You will gather more loot from the battles fought with your weapons. The trick to making swords is to make sure that you pour the metals slowly and evenly when they are at the right temperature, hammer the edges evenly and that you put all of the handle elements on straight and solid. As you progress, other weapons for you to build will unlock. First, you will unlock the bow. As online new games go, this one is not only unique, but could be played over and over again without being boring!

Snail Bob 3 is the third in the series of this insanely popular series of cool games. Both Snail Bob 1 and 2 somehow managed to make playing as a snail a really fun thing to do and we are sure that many gamers were anxiously waiting for the third game to hit the internet. Well Snail Bob 3 is right here and we are sure you will have a ton of fun once more with Snail Bob. When you first fire you are treated with a wonderful little cinematic that tells you the story and the reason why you are playing this game. There is no speech or even any text. It is done in the form of a picture book and it looks great and for a moment you will probably not even realise that Snail Bob is in fact one of the best games. The story of the game sees Snail Bob going to visit his grandfather who just so happens to own a very cool time machine. Well with Bob being the curious little fella that he is. Somehow he managed to activate his grandfathers time machine and send himself all the way back to ancient Egypt and this is where the game begins with you on your quest to get him back home. Snail Bob 3 is one of the most addicting new games you will ever play.

If you are looking for new games When I Was Young is a popular title amongst the many cool games. The game is plotted on the life of an old man, who is fed up and tired of his old age, and he is remembering his youth when he could go around jumping long distances and run fast without wheezing and losing breath, he wishes that all of that could come back to him. And then, suddenly he decides that he wants to have his youth back. He wants to be the young strong man that he used to be years ago. You have to help him in this game to set out on a quest to gain back his youth, and become young again. The trip takes him into a mysterious land that is filled with obstacles and dangerous objects that risk putting an end to his life forever, but he is determined not to be intimidated, and proceeds without fear. Help the old man starts the journey because he is weak and tired, barely being able to jump, but with your help he makes the start. And you have to help him you know why? because the controls of the game are very straightforward and easy to understand making it truly one of the best games.

Sometimes, the oddest things in the world are the most fun to drive. For instance, the good old man-powered trolley used for delivery purposes. If you love cool games that offer something unique and greatly different, then this is exactly the right game for you. While the game comes under the category of driving games, it is not the usual race to the flag you have played. Trolley Express is among those few new games that require strategy and speed. You have to take the job of a trolley driver. Your mission is to collect delivery items from the dispatcher and deliver them to the right destination. You must do it within the given time. The difficulty level of this game increases gradually with every stage. The number of packages increase and the deadlines get stricter. After you have completed all the levels of one stage, you will unlock more stages with different and difficult delivery routes. Overall, if you are looking for the best games online that offer a different kind of driving experience, look no further. Hop on the trolley and get set on a fun-filled mission across the different stages of Trolley Express.

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