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 It's crazy the amount of cool games I am getting asked to play lately. I think that maybe we are at a stage when some people have just had enough of driving and they want to be able to shoot things as well. Hey that is more than fine by me as a kid I loved the game Spy Hunter so anything with a car that shoots is cool in my book. Ok with that being said let's take a closer look at this little gem Highway Rider. Highway Rider is a very nice looking game indeed. It actually really did take me by surprise. You see most new games that I have played in the past (and I have played a great deal) well most of the time they have the game played vertically so the car is driving up the screen. Well Highway Rider is quite rare in that it plays horizontally. I am really struggling to think of another game like this that plays from this point of view. I will fully admit that it took me a little while to get to grips with, but after a while I was hooked. From a presentational point of view Highway Rider is one of the best games.  To me all car shooting games have to be fat and this one is the game moves at a very quick pace, but the graphics hold up very well.

On the hunt for new games? Today I have the perfect game for you shooter fanatics out there to have a blast with. There is nothing better than kicking back for a while playing a good shooter. And that my friends is what I have for you today. Strike Force Heroes 2 is just ton of fun in every regard and I am sure you will have a great time with this. Strike Force Heroes 2 ha a great sci-fi story going on. And it is a direct sequel in that it does follow on from the events from the first game. But if you are a fan of cool online games, but have not played the first one then do not be put off as the game does a good job of explaining to you what the deal is. The best games online I think do have to look good and this game does not disappoint. As far as the game play goes if you to put Strike Force Heroes 2 into another shooter category then it would certainly be classed as an arena shooter. You basically need to kill everything or get the flags. It is all about pure mayhem. And with this mayhem is a great deal of fun.  I am sure if you are a shooter fan that you will have a great time with this one.

There is no bigger icon in gaming than Mario and the amount of cool games out there is a testiest to that. No mater what kind of game it is. Be it a classic platform game. Or perhaps one of his many RPG adventures. Him behind the wheel of a cart. Or as a part of some big cast of characters in a party or sports game. New games to feature Nintendo’s number one mascot are always big news. And today we are looking at a new flash game Super Mario Fruits. Graphically this game looks amazing. There are many different Mario Games that the developer could have taken inspiration from. And they have gone for the Mario RPG style which was most recently seen in the best games. This is a really cool style and it is one that is really not overused so it manages to have that good old Mario charm without feeling overused. The level design is pretty good as well. And while they are not backgrounds that have been ripped out of Mario games which would have been cool we might add. If you are someone who is really into the other Super Mario Games that are out there we are sure you will love this.

To me cool games online are the most fun you can have while sitting at your computer. If you want a reason to blow of that work you have to do or that assignment that needs handing in. Then Masked Knight is certainly a great reason to get yourself in trouble. This game right here has all the fighting action that you could possibly want and add to that some fun exploration and even a few puzzle elements as well which is pretty cool. Now from a presentational point of view let me tell you right away that Masked Knight is one of the best games and an incredibly impressive new game in the fighting adventure genre. It has a very comic book style look to it. It reminds me a great deal of the comic book/movie Tank Girl which I am sure many of you reading this have never heard of. Just take my word for it that this is a very well made game from a presentational point of view. A great deal of work has clearly been put into every single aspect of the way that the game looks.The story is very well written and does have many twists and turns which I really do not want to spoil for you guys.

There certainly is no shortage of cool games these days. But really is that a bad thing? After a tough day of work or school who does not like to come home and have some good old fashioned butt kicking fun in a good video game? Well BearBarians is a great gem of a game that is picking up a great deal of steam lately. Now is your chance to get in on this. From a presentational point of view the game is great. It starts with a fantastic little story telling you just what the heck is going on. You see BearBarians is certainly one of the most story driven new games right now. Action games are not normally known for having a variety of game modes, but here you have two main ones. You have the story mode that will keep you going for a while as you try and rebuild your team of bears and village. But you can also just jump right in if you want pick a level and do some serious damage. In all BearBarians is a fantastic game. Do not be put off by the fact that it has teddy bears as the characters. This is one of the best games most fun, in-depth and challenging that you will play for a very long time.

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