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Developers are using cool online games as a way to showcase there sense of humour. Surviving Mars is one of the latest games that aims to not only offer you some great gaming action, but also make you laugh as well. Surviving Mars while it maybe in the funny section of this web site is actually a great little game in its own right. As far as the game looks well the level design is pretty good. We think that the developers have gone for a 1950’s inspired B movie style of graphics for the way that the levels look. Actually the first thing that came to our mind was the original Lost In Space series. The best funny games online all try to make you laugh and this one is more subtle about it. The thing that brought a smile to our face was our hero. We honestly have no clue what the heck is going on here. The guy is in a little rover / spaceship as he cruises round the surface of mars. Now what we cannot decide is if this guy is part cyborg and his body is the rover. Or if he is a little guy with a very big head. While this is not one of those new games that will have your sides splitting. Surviving Mars is still a very amusing little endless runner that we are sure will put a smile on your face.

Play online cool games like Ice Breaker, whit some cute Vikings, chunks of ice, and frozen Vikings inside of those chunks of ice. Use the mouse to draw lines to cut the ice and drop the cute Vikings onto the ship, so the other Viking can break the ice with his hammer and release his frozen friends, you will need sometimes to manipulate the frozen environment to create a smooth surface for the ice pieces to slide down, so timing and some experimentation with physics will be your best allied in this as in many new games. To slice a piece of ice you have to click and drag a line with the mouse. You can only cut using a clean cut, the line must begin and end outside of the ice. Ice Breaker it's not only the action to cut and drop, more physics puzzles are introduced quickly, including fixed points where ice can swing from, and ropes that can bind pieces of ice together, you will find also other obstacles and bonuses as you cut your way through the 40 levels as in the best games online. The game has an impressing visual presentation, well balanced, great looking, and a lot of fun to play, an excellent free physics game that you will thoroughly enjoy.

This game conceptually it's a masterpiece, probably one of the best strategy games, it's like a chess simulator. Of course in new games like this you have different pieces they look different than the familiar chess pieces and each one can only move certain way, just like in chess. If you want to learn how to play chess, think of it as a tutorial for chess or sort of. Check Flag has three difficulties, the levels are the same but gets progressively harder, the game start out with a small board and only one type of piece, as the levels go up, the board gets bigger and more pieces are introduced, and to help you learn they show you where the different pieces can move as a hint. If you are a chess player don't make the mistake of thinking that the “pawns” can only take pieces like pawns, this online strategy game reminds of the old days when the game play was more important than the graphics. The best in this game is easy to assimilated, somewhat easier to grasp than classic chess. Online cool games like this brings the challenge of chess to a class of game-players who previously would have considered it too difficult to enjoy.

Dead Metal is as cool as shooting online games get. With an army of ships attacking you from all sides, you have to fire your way through. Fighting off the enemies inside a ring gives you plenty of thrills, chills and close calls. The story begins with a convoy of human ships return from the Outer Ring, having discovered a mysterious new object the enemies want. The evil lord Vascarri leads the first line of attack, with his ships attacking the convoy in three waves. Vascarri warns you to abandon the convoy but you are the only one defying their attack, fighting wave after wave of enemy ships. As you progress each level, Vascarri is joined by other enemy leaders such as the Chosen and the Exiles also join in the battle. The story is well laid out and has a clear progression unlike other cool online games you find. With each new level, the difficulty increases. Basically, what you need to do is just shoot, shoot and shoot! What else do you want when you are looking for the best online games? At the same time, you have to evade the enemy’s fire.

Road Of Fury is one of many modern cool games online that has a great title that sounds like it was ripped out of a 80's action movie starring Sylvester Stallone. I am a sucker for a good racing game that also lets me blow stuff away. I much prefer the more arcade style racers so anytime one of these comes across my radar I get very interested. It has a pretty cool post apocalyptic look to it. The first thing that popped into my head when I was playing this what is becoming one of my favourite new games was the futuristic wasteland of Terminator 2. I think that is the kind of look they were going for here. Or if you want to be a bit more modern it has the look of the ID shooter RAGE. The game has a really nice cell shaded look to it. Which I know some people say they are getting sick of, but to me cell shading is the best way for a designer to make the best car games without using polygons. The car drives all by its self and you need to take control of the weapons. Using the mouse to aim at the bad guys and blow them away. If I am honest I cannot say that many other games have hooked me for as long as this one has.


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